Homeowner associations turn to private security

On September 17, 2012 by staciehannaford

The Indianapolis Star reported recently that homeowner associations looking to private security to help keep their neighborhoods safe.   Homeowners say that they private patrols have provided a sense of security when city budgets have caused fewer cops to be on the streets.  For years, the Geist Patrol has helped keep residents of that community safe.

The trend is not new to just Indianapolis.  Homeowner associations and neighborhood community groups have expanded their community watch patrols to include off-duty patrols.

Off-duty officers provide a cost-effective solution to neighborhood groups — providing their residents with a piece of mind that a licensed law enforcement officer is helping to keep their neighborhood safe.

According to statistics reported by the Miami Herald, in 2010 there were 30 residential burglaries in the Emerald Hills neighborhood of Hollywood, Fla.  In 2011, 54.  In 2012, the neighborhood hired private security and that presence reduced the number of break-ins to only two in the first four months of the year.

If your a member of a homeowner’s association and would like to learn more about the neighborhood protection services we offer at On-Target Security, email us to request more information or to set up a custom consultation.

In the end, your family’s safety and security is most important.  Our officers are trained professionals who will help provide the security presence, but also be able to enforce the law if a crime occurs.

Peace of mind is worth the investment.


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