Spring is a great time to improve home security

On May 9, 2013 by staciehannaford

The winter blues has given way to spring rains and warmer weather.  Many homeowners are thinking about your spring planting and landscaping.  Done right, landscaping can improve your home security and be a deterrent to criminals. Done wrong, it could be a burglar’s best asset.  We’ve gathered some great tips from across the web to give you some ideas.

Razor wire?  How about a bed of roses?  HGTV says there are several thorny plants that offer a natural defense.  Those include rose bushes and trees like a Washington Hawthorn.  They can grow thorns up to three inches long.  HGTV recommends planting a bed of roses right underneath a window.  They also recommend plants like the Oregon grape holly that spiny teeth around the leaves.

Jacqueline Soule of Angie’s List writes that going to the extreme could make your home ripe for criminals.  She says a home with a dense jungle of plants obscuring the door and windows is ideal for potential burglars.  They give perfect cover.  She recommends pruning plants and thinning out trees so there’s a clear line of sight to the street.

Another simple idea comes from the home security company SimpleSafe.  They recommend a bed of gravel under your windows.  Burglars don’t want to make any noise and a bed of gravel isn’t easy to walk on quietly.  They also remind homeowners to pick up your kids toys and keep your lawn mowed.

Finally, the Lazy Gardener for the Houston Chronicle says use a little common sense.  Don’t leave ladders outside, don’t block electrical boxes, so burglars can’t easily cut your power.  Also she gives a good reminder to not landscape around fire hydrants.

If crime is still a problem in your neighborhood, On-Target Security provides off-duty uniformed police officers to patrol the streets of your neighborhood.  We’ve worked with homeowner associations and apartment complexes to provide security and help give residents peace of mind that someone is looking out for them.  If you’d like to learn more about our security services, email us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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